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Nov 28, 2018

We take you to Bali to talk about the widow witch, the demon queen, Rangda! We discuss her different forms, the story of how she came to be, and some really beautiful poetry. As always, fight the patriarchy!



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Nov 21, 2018

We’ve got our good friend Lisette on to talk about what the living tradition of witchcraft means to them! Bonus points as we talk about how witchcraft varies around the world, how we all want to fight Zak Bagans in the parking lot of Spaghetti Warehouse, and how we can all better serve our communities!




Nov 14, 2018

After 100 episodes of Spirits, we wanted to welcome in a new age. And what better way than with the Hindu god of beginnings, Ganesha! We dive into the stories of how Ganesha was born, how he got his elephant head, and how he became the remover of obstacles.



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Nov 7, 2018

This week’s roundup, we chat about several haunted schools and camps, have some grandma stories creep out and inspire us, and hear Eric’s first hand account of a recent tarot reading!

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