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Aug 30, 2017

We’re not just talking werewolves of London! We’ve got cannibals, whole cities of wolf-people, and some big ol’ cat folks as well. This week we cover werewolves as you know them, and werewolf & werewolf-adjacent stories from around the world.

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Aug 16, 2017

We’re kicking folklore into the 21st century to bring you this #kindacultykindacool episode. We’ve brought in reporter Kelly Weill to discuss Reptilians, cults, GOOP, and more as we dive into some recent events involving cult communities. What makes a cult? Why is steak tartare a faux pas among Reptilian watchers?...

Aug 2, 2017

What makes you you? Is it the way people see you? Or who you are and the actions you pursue? For the Laumes, it’s a little bit of both. We discuss these Lithuanian goddesses, imagining people complexly, a chapter full of nipples, the word ‘tweak’, rainbow ribbons and more this week on Spirits!