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Feb 1, 2017

A whole year has come and gone, and we’ve told a lot of stories. So why not DOUBLE IT? To celebrate Spirits Podcast’s first birthday, we’re giving you 30 myths in as many minutes - we hit almost every continent (fuck you, Antarctica), tell stories of warrior goddesses, magma monsters, creepy bears, and why Wario definitely isn’t a Maori deity.

And hey, we want to take a minute to thank you all. We made it a year because of you, our amazing listeners. So, stay creepy & stay cool.

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Myths discussed: Clytie (Greece), Chinnamasta (Hinduism), Huitaca (Colombia), Pazuzu (Babylon), Ammit (Egypt), San Pascualito (Guatemala and Mexico), Kuebiko (Japan), Kumugwe (Native American), Whiro (Maori, New Zealand), Olokun (West Africa), Varuna (Hinduism), Winalagalis (Canada), Polyphemus (Greece), Tammuz (Sumeria), Deer Woman (Native American), Bake-kujira (Japan), Bugbear (UK), Cheval Gauvin (France and Switzerland), Drop Bear (Australian), Grootslang (South African), Al-mi’raj (Arabia), The Zaratan (multiple), Salmon of Knowledge (Ireland), Cherufe or Mapuche (Chilean), Leshy (Russia), Shellycoat (Scotland), Domovoi (Russia), Preta (India and China), Myling or Utburd (Scandinavia), Wolpertinger (Germany).

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