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Sep 7, 2022

It's Episode 300, which means we're giving Spirits some special updates and upgrades. You will notice freshened-up art and music on today's episode, but most importantly for you, we're giving you MORE and COOLER Patreon benefits.
New Benefits
That's right! We've added a bunch of fun new benefits and rejiggered what falls under which tier so that all of you get access to more stuff than you had before.
Our new MONTHLY tiers and benefits are:
  • $4 Patrons - Cheers! You get Director's Commentary notes for every episode plus a bonus urban legends episode each month.
  • $8 Regulars - One regular, coming up! Get ad-free episodes and downloadable recipe cards with alcoholic AND non-alcoholic drinks for every episode! 
  • $16 Insiders - Can’t get enough advice? Watch (or listen) to our monthly Advice video podcast, where Julia and Amanda answer your questions! Get our takes on life, work, podcasting, and everything in between. Plus, 10% off Spirits merch.
  • $28 Hosts - What does our future hold? Get a tarot reading + vibe check audio dispatch once every three months, where Julia does a reading for us to guide the season ahead. 
  • $40 Producers - Get thanked by name as a Supporting Producer on every episode, featuring a different Myth Moniker each month (ex: Yev the Yeti). 
  • $100 Legends - Receive a personalized tarot reading from Julia! Once every three months, in addition to the vibe check audio dispatch for Hosts, you’ll get a personalized audio note with photos of your individual drawing. Tarot, just for you! 
We're really stoked that these new tiers let us do more of what we love: connecting with you, making witchy predictions, answering your questions, and designing fun merch. Plus, how cool is the rotating Myth Moniker for Producer and Legend patrons?? We can't wait to see what you come up with.
Merch Sale!
Just for the month of September, all patrons—new and existing—will get 20% off all of our vintage logo merch. That includes a tee shirt, a beanie, and a sweet logo pin. This stuff will never get re-made, so if you want to be a Spirits hipster with only the coolest vintage logo gear, act now! 
Go to and use code VINTAGE for 20% off vintage logo items.
Monthly Charges
On Oct 1, your account will automatically switch from getting charged for 4 episodes per month to just 1 monthly charge. If you're at the $1/ep tier, your new tier will be $4/month; if you're at the $2/ep tier, it'll be $8/month; etc. 
When we started the Patreon in 2016 this wasn't a thing, and most of Patreon's new tools and features require you to have a monthly-charge account. So we're switching! 
You don't need to do anything! Your account will automatically be switched over on Oct 1, and the amount you're charged will stay the same. If you've put charge caps in place on your account (for example, you were only getting charged for one or two episodes per month), those will be honored too. No one will be paying more  than they have been!
Once our Patreon switches over to monthly billing on October 1, we'll also have the ability to offer you Annual Plans! These mean you pay up front for a whole year of Patreon support, at a 10% discount. Pretty cool if you ask us! We'll send you another message when these are available in case you want to go annual or upgrade your tier.