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Jul 15, 2020

We are joined by Kamuela Kaneshiro of Legends from the Pacific, who gives us the lowdown on the spiritual and paranormal stories of Hawaii. Kamu shares his first hand accounts with the Night Marchers, and his own paranormal investigations.  


Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of murder, gender dynamics, incest, urination, war/battle, blood, and human remains. 



Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kamuela or “Kamu”, is an Asian Pacific Islander geek, and storyteller. He began podcasting in 2004 with the weekly three-hour radio show/podcast, “Off the Air’s: Geek Nation”.

Legends from the Pacific” utilizes Kamu’s cultural knowledge, and television/film background to craft stories of people, beliefs, and traditions to help promote Pacific cultures.

Kamu obtained a BA & MA in Communication from Hawaii Pacific University. Studied at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Appeared multiple times at San Diego Comic-Con as an invited professional panelist. Lectured on film, television, and Batman. Wrote the “I Didn't Mean to” series, and “Genre Analysis: The Gangster, The Evolved Detective, and The Dark Knight”. He is also a magician member of the Magic Castle.

You can find a list of Dr. Glen Grant’s books, as mentioned in this episode, here.


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