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Jan 29, 2020

We’re joined this week by Celticist, teacher, and musician Sharon Paice MacLeod who provides a beautiful, nuanced primer for Irish Cosmology. We discuss the Maiden-Mother-Crone, music in Celtic lore, keening, and Brigid’s cross. 

This week, Julia recommends Dooku: Jedi Lost

Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about religious persecution, child death, monarchy and political power structure.



Sharon Paice MacLeod is a Harvard-trained Celticist, grant funded researcher, teacher and author. She is also a professional vocalist and musician, specializing in Celtic, medieval, early and ancient music. Her areas of specialization are Celtic religion and belief, mythology and folklore, and poetic and visionary traditions. She is the author of numerous books and journal articles, including ‘Celtic Myth and Religion,’ ‘Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld,’ ‘The Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe,’ and the forthcoming ‘Early Celtic Poetry and Wisdom Texts.’ 

She is currently researching the earliest known Celtic instrumental music and vocal art forms, in socio-religious context. The award-winning self-titled CD ‘The Moors’ - Celtic, medieval, world and dark wave music - is available on Apple Music.



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