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Apr 18, 2018

This week, we get excited about religious traditions and physics, which is… on-brand for us. Julia teaches Amanda about the Orishas of the Yoruba tradition with the help of liminal spaces, our Ocean Mom, your own personal deity, and reflections on third culture kids.



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Apr 11, 2018

We thought we knew all about Tolkien and Middle Earth. We were WRONG. Guest Emma Sherr-Ziarko (Wolf 359, Pairing Podcast) schools us on the creation of the world, the Silmarillion, and all its intricacies. We talk about how eagles are apparently better than wolves, the goddess of empathy and sorrow, the reason music is...

Apr 4, 2018

This week, we cover things that Amanda loves: angels, organization, and of course, so many eyes. Just. All the eyes. We wax poetic about how the Fast and Furious franchise is clearly an act of God, comment on how Latin is nearly always better untranslated, and ask what the deal is with sceptres, really?




Mar 28, 2018

Your stories this week were buck WILD. From fires and the mafia, to demon hunting internships, and secret government projects with some secret cannibalism, we are on a wild ride this episode. Julia wants to adopt a heck pupper. Eric decides he definitely doesn’t want to have a creepy kid. Amanda believes that...

Mar 21, 2018

We know how numbers work - we embrace the sex number, talk about succu-kisses, sleep paralysis, demon chinchillas, and where to draw the line when it comes to bird claws. Amanda gives in to the demon offering her shrimp, while Julia plans on how her demon form would trap men in her web.



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